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tv   WESH 2 News at 400pm  NBC  March 9, 2016 4:00pm-5:00pm EST

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amanda: she had a very little to say when she left the jail. holly joel had accepted teacher in seminole county school less than a dozen times it was during her most recent assignment, at bentley elementary school tuesday, that deputies say her behavior landed her in jail. 52-year-old holly joel bonded out of the seminole county jail she' s accused of being under the influence while substitute teaching a second grade class at bentley elementary. >> holly, were you using drugs or drinking alcohol in the classroom? >> no. amanda: do you deny the charges against you? joel had little to say as she walked away from the jail alone. according to the school district, a foster grandparent helping in joel' s class at bentley elementary tuesday notified the staff that joel might be intoxicated. according to the arrest affidavit, the school principal, martha garcia, observed joel' s head swaying and her eyes
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she asked joel to step outside, and when joel stood up, she fell over, hitting the window. the school resource officer was called. he reported finding prescription drugs in joel' s purse. the deputy also said joel was drinking a pink liquid from a water bottle that smelled like alcohol. joel was arrested on charges of child neglect and disorderly intoxication. parents arriving at school were shaken at the news. >> if you' re drunk in a classroom, you definitely shouldn' t be around kids. amanda: school officials say joel was hired in 2014, and since then had only substitute taught a total of about 10 times. joel was arrested for dui in maitland in 2012 and had her license suspended for a year. the school district says a misdemeanor dui arrest alone is not grounds to deny employment and joel did pass a background check. the school district does tell me
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arrest she has been permanently removed as a substitute teacher and is no longer eligible for employment. the parents did receive a letter from the principal last night, assuring them at no time were their children' s safety in any question. meredith: the lockdown of a high school in palm coast has been lifted after no gun was found on campus. school district personnel searched the school this afternoon. they received a report from a student who allegedly saw another student with a gun. florida' s first case of zika virus transmitted sexually has been confirmed in polk county. two new cases have been confirmed in polk county. one case was travel related and the other was sexually transmitted. health officials urge men who have into outbreak areas to
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summer: orlando police are trying to find the person who shot a man downtown early this morning. one man was injured but is expected to be ok. you will hear from a witness and get an update coming up in the next half hour. some disturbing crime stats innovative showing murders increasing 113%. we are joined live outside the police department. matt, what else does the report show? matt: orlando police releasing its annual crime stat report showing that while burglaries and robberies are down, violent crimes are up. >> stop the violence. every fifth sunday, pastor stovall leads a march, pushing back against increased violence. >> i' m just crying out to let people know we' ve all got to come together. we'
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matt: according to new orlando crime stats, the city' s murder rate shot up 113% last year compared to 2014. sex offenses also went up 13%. aggravated assaults rose more than 17%. >> it' s not going to get better unless we all come together. matt: we asked opd about the increase in the city' s homicides. chief john mina tells us off camera, overall crime is down 21% since 2007, and while the murder rate last year was high, mina says it' s only marginally higher than recent years, calling 2014' s murder rate extraordinarily low. mina says there were no clear patterns or trends with the data. in a statement he said, reducing violent crime in all of its forms and ensuring that our city is safe for its residents is a top priority for this department. we are always working vigilantly to combat violent crime. >> every night it' s a different young man that lost his life. matt: pastor stovall says he' ll continue marching in communities
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help save the next life. >> we' ve got to march into these areas and pass out flyers, hug them, and let them know that they are loved and that' s what it' s all about. matt: opd says so far this year there have been nine homicides, including a double murder. meredith: an undercover detective is in the hospital after he was shot while taking his 14-year-old son to school. the jacksonville narcotics officer was doing a traffic stop. police say he was shot at least three times, in the head, upper body and hand. he managed to call for help before collapsing outside his car. his son was not hurt. the suspect was shot four times by other officers who chased him. both the suspect and officer are expected to survive. summer: four people are behind bars charged in connection with a violent home invasion. deputies arrested four men and
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woman, who are charged with kidnapping, battery and car-jacking. that's after deputies say they forced their way into a home in the eagle lake reserve of st. cloud back in january. they' re accused of pointing guns at the three people who lived there and tying them up. meredith: three former orange county day care workers were supposed be in court today after the state filed misdemeanor charges against them in early february. the case involves a five-year-old boy who was left in a hot day care van or nearly five hours last october. wesh two' s gail paschall-brown is live at the orange county courthouse. gail what happened today? gail: the good news is that the boy did survive. today, only one of the former workers showed up. the other two weren' t served because the state lacked the most current addresses on them. >> come forward ma'am and state your name. >> shannon johnson. gail: 43-year-old shannon johnson is charged with leaving a child unattened/unsupervised and culpibable negiligence, both misdeameanors. >> how so do you wish to enter your plea. >> no contest. gail: the state needed more time to talk to witnesses before making a recommendation to the court. the case goes back to october 9
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johnson was an employee with winners preschool on powers drive in orlando. a five-year-old child strapped into his car seat had been left in the center' s van for nearly five hours when it was 86 degrees outside. a passerby noticed the child and contacted the preschool. employees brought the little boy inside and cared for him. johnson says she was not the bus driver, nor the aide who checked the bus, but she did sign off on who was supposed to be on the bus. >> so your idea was that there was nobody left on the bus? >> >> >> the child was not there. i approached the driver, saying, i did not see the child. he said he must have come in. you missed him. there was nobody left. him and the other girl was suppose to check for the child. at that point, i went to class and thank god the child was ok. gail: investigators say the child was hot, sweaty, dehydrated but fine. dcf slapped the school with a $1000 fine for workers losing sight of the child. some people say that was a slap on the wrist. >> that's just what the violation is, a $1000. there were no previous violations in the past.
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and opened at a new location on west colonial drive in the old target building as winners primary school when we went here, we were told to leave. we' re just trying to talk to management. >> ok, here' s what' s going to happen. leave now or i' ll call the police for trespassing. gail: shannon johnson no longer works for winners. the bus driver, 50-year-old victor manuel delapaz, was fired by the day care center right after this happened. delapaz and 27-year-old jessenia rosado mercano also face the similar misdeamors. they were not in court today because they have been served. summer: thank you. authorities say a body found in the ocala national forest was that of a missing man. back in january, a missing adult report was filed for thomas lombardo. lombardo' s mother says her son hadn' t been returning her text messages. police say fingerprints taken from the body found in the forest match lombardo' s, but they haven' t yet determined how he died. the investigation is still on-going.
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news, former republican presidential candidate carly fiorina endorsed senator ted cruz. she made the announcement today in miami, saying she voted for cruz in virginia' s primary last week. fiorina said trump and hillary clinton are on two sides of the same coin, saying they' re not going to reform the system. and all of the presidential candidates will be here in florida at some point over the next two days. tonight, democrats are set to debate in miami, then the republicans are up tomorrow. wesh 2' s adrian whitsett takes a look at what a new poll is saying about the race for florida. adrian: as marco rubio barnstorms across the state of florida, his supporters still believe he can still prevail in the sunshine state. >> i do think he has a chance in florida. adrian: is it because of people >> i think it' really interesting in florida because only republicans can vote in the republican primary. adrian: a new quinnipiac poll shows rubio behind trump two to one, an even bigger margin than the same poll two weeks ago. >> he started in florida too late. he employed an early state strategy and it'
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right now. he might lose his own state. adrian: wesh 2 republican analyst eddie fernandez says he might be behind, but rubio' s been there before. >> the reality of it is that marco rubio is the florida comeback kid. we' ve seen him do this with charlie krist. we' ve seen him do it with others. if anyone can overcome a deficit in a matter of days, it' s marco rubio. adrian: on the democrat side, hillary clinton leads two to one versus bernie sanders in florida, but she had a lead in a recent upset state, too. >> she was ahead going into michigan yesterday anywhere from five points to 20 points ahead of bernie sanders, and bernie won 50-48. that was a huge surprise. adrian: wesh 2' s democrat analyst carol cox thinks here in florida, with a closed primary, we won' t see a similar surprise on march 15. >> i would expect to see that the election results match the polls more closely, but we' re still almost a week away. adrian: with commitment 2016 coverage, adrian whitsett, wesh 2 news. meredith: chopper 2 flying over
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summer: stewart moore is live. some homes have been damaged? reporter: palm bay fire rescue is telling us right now the fire is around 10 acres and being fueled by the woods around the residential homes. some evacuations have taken place. two homes have been damaged, spreading flames and crews are doing all they can to protect the other homes in this area. these are live pictures from chopper 2 and you can see just how many homes are in this neighborhood and you can see exactly where the fires are. you can see the fire right there, the grass in the front yard. this is all happening while on waters are asked to let fire crews do their work. this stretches for up to 10 acres, still active flames we
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homes are surrounding this zone. we will give you the very latest throughout the evening. meredith: thank you. summer: straight ahead, and then says he was booted from a business because of his service dog. meredith: what he hopes his case will teach the public. summer: a law passed in the 1800s can truly be a thing of the past. you may be surprised this was still on the books. meredith: what troopers think the two biggest problems on i-4 bar. eric: we are following a
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a look at the seven-day >> you' re watching wesh 2. meredith: a disabled veteran says he was outraged when he was ordered out of a store in edgewater because he had his dog summer: turns out the dog is a s claire metz reports, though the store owner has apologized, the veteran wants to raise public awareness. claire: clayton davis, with his service dog, regularly stops at this citgo convenience store on india palm drive, typically
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yesterday however, it was the store owner at the counter and he told davis the dog was not allowed. >> these dogs are the difference between life and death. claire: 35-year-old clayton davis suffers with ptsd after two tours of duty in iraq and his service dog nashaoba helps him cope with the scars you can' t see. >> a lot of us carry emotional mental scars, and these dogs do great work to help, and that' s what i want people to understand. claire: so when he went in the store with nashaoba, clearly marked as a service animal, he was stunned when owner, al patel, ordered the dog out despite davis' explanation. >> he basically told me i was wrong and to get out of his store and to never come back. claire: davis took his outrage to facebook and got thousands of sympathetic responses since service dogs can legally be in public places. >> i don' t know what he called a service dog. claire: you didn' t understand it was a service dog? >> yeah.
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to the country and unfamiliar with service dogs. he didn' t get a good look at the dog's vest. >> i' m sorry. claire: to say again, you' re sorry? >> i'm sorry to say this happened. claire: patel posted a web apology as well, and davis accepts it but is on an awareness mission now, particularly for disabled veterans. >> i want store owners everywhere to know that we have these animals. they are there for a reason. please, don' t discriminate against us. claire: despite the apology, davis says he won' t do anymore business here, but hopes the owner now understands service dogs must accompany their masters. in edgewater, volusia county, claire metz, wesh 2 news. summer: davis did file a complaint with police who investigated the incident. it is a misdemeanor to refuse service to someone because they have a service dog, but in this case, rather than cite or fine the store owner, police used it as an educational moment. meredith: a 19th century law that bans unmarried men and women from living together is about to be eliminated. lawmakers are giving their final
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the law was passed back in 1868. representative richard stark says the law was an invasion of privacy. >> i represent communities of seniors, where a lot of them are technically not married. they are living together, but it makes more sense financially or for whatever reason like social security to not be married. i don' t think that they want to be considered to be violating the law. meredith: the legislation is now heading to governor rick scott for final approval. summer: turning to your first alert forecast, warm and greasy. -- breezy. eric: the land is dry and we have gusty winds. here' s what we have for the old weather stations. gusts are upwards of 20 miles per hour.
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of 26 miles brouwer. when it comes to dealing with wildfires. we would continue monitoring the situation with of the afternoon. let me step out of the way and beautiful perspective from our downtown sky camera. it is a mostly cloudy day, the sky. when to and southeast, gusting higher, so the gas are all -- the gust are all across centrals florida. 82, orlando. 82, the villages and ocala. visible satellite imagery showing the clouds pushing off into town, but they are not rainmaking clouds. that is the good news. the evening forecast continues to be quite pleasant. tony will be talking about this at 6:00. the readings really a sluggish to fall though they are doing
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67 degrees at 11:00 and just a couple clouds overhead. the actual overnight lows, just a couple of evenings ago, we were reading 40' s in marion county. upper 50' s tonight. 58, ocala. 61, villages. 62, clermont. 62, kissimmee and orlando. 63, deltona. lower 60' s, palm coast. it is wednesday, which means we kick back off the fair this week ended a 76 degree temperature at 6:00, beautiful sunset and comfortable conditions throughout the evening, dropping off into the upper 60' s. this is where becomes uncomfortable. looking ahead toward tomorrow, we have bright sunshine, gusty wind so we will have to watch the brush fire concerns but the temperatures, pushing into the middle 80' s across many locations.
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s and the villages. right along the beach, that is where you get the comfortable breeze coming in off the ocean, keeping us more comfortable, to say the very least. if you are headed to the strawberry festival tomorrow, it will be beautiful but warmer, 85 degrees. this high-pressure area is killing us with the temperatures. the onshore wind is providing for rip current concerns. we will have to watch that continually friday, saturday and even into sunday. sunday, that is when we will watch this next weather maker , the frontal boundary with the potential for showers and a thunderstorm. until we get to that, the forecast is great. temperatures in the lower 80' s, the onshore wind certainly your saving grace. here is your seven-day forecast. 50% chance of rain on sunday, 40% chance on monday. we will talk about the changes
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when i see you in the next hour. summer: meredith: he was found thousands of miles away at the white house. what he is accused of throwing over the fence. summer: a protest in ferguson, missouri attracted national attention and of the city and the government are working on a solution. meredith: starting to see some flames on the ground in palm bay as crews are working to get this thing under control. if you're doing everything right but find it harder and harder while our people work longer hours for lower wages, almost all new income
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my plan -- make wall street banks and the ultrarich pay their fair share of taxes, provide living wages for working people, ensure equal pay for women. i approve this message we can make a political revolution and create an economy and democracy that works for all
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meredith: chopper 2' s line over breaking news of a brush fire spreading their homes of palm bay. reporter: this is an sanfilippo in palm bay and fire crews are on the same as well as our crews dealing with power outages that may come with this. one of the big issues you are saying is the wind is blowing pastries which makes it hard for firefighters to get these under control. right to the bottom of your screen, you can see the flames that are encroaching on those
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this area is heavily populated and fire crews have evacuated a number of residents that h lived in this area. firefighters are trying to stop this line from spreading. the wind is blowing in the opposite direction of where these homes are. fire crews are battling against 10 acres. we did see a line of power crews on the scene as well. some of accurate and took taken place in this area. dan billow will give a live report as we continue to fight the fire. meredith: the man suspected of shooting a pastor has been arrested in washington dc. summer: he was arrested yesterday for reportedly throwing items over a fence. he gunned down a pastor in idaho on sunday. 10 remington is expected to survive.
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odom flew to washington. >> how someone with a felony warrant could board an airplane, i' m not the person to answer that question. summer: police say odom left behind a manifesto containing the names of lawmakers and that of the pastor. about 15 or so u.s. senators and members of the israeli government were included. police are not saying if the pastor shooting was politically motivated. meredith: the ferguson city council has taken the first step towards to settling a lawsuit with the department of justice. the council modified the agreement to overhaul the city' s police and courts. this prompted a lawsuit by justice officials. on tuesday, more than 100 people packed a meeting room where council members had the first reading of the bill. the bill approves of the agreement without changes. there will be a final vote on it on march 15. we are continuing to follow breaking news out of brevard county. summer: chopper 2 is over the scene in palm bay as firefighters worked to put out the fire. we know 10 acres have been affected and we will give you a
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meredith: paying respect to nancy reagan. this is a letter from someone who's here. she has to take a brand name drug. been taking it since the early 1980's. at that time it cost approximately $180 for 10 shots. the latest refill was $14.700 for the same 10 vials and the company is called valeant pharmaceuticals. i'm going after them. this is predatory pricing and we're going to make sure it is stopped. i'm hillary clinton and i
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not every cake can be handcrafted in store by skilled decorators layered with fresh berries and frosted to perfection like our publix bakery chantilly cake it'll be remembered for all the right reasons.
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>> local. live. latebreaking. this is wesh 2 news first at 4:00 in high definition.
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we continuing -- we continue to follow breaking news in brevard county. summer: what can you tell us, dan? dan: i am at the command post, as close as you can get to this fire on the ground where wind is blowing in the firefighters are having a tough time. it keeps jumping and the line. the fire i see you seems to be confined to a relatively small area, this is their sanfilippo road. we have a 25 acre fire with 100 homes affected. for homes have been damaged.
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the damage runs the spectrum from minor to severe. we do not have the number of severely damaged homes. firefighters are expecting to be out here all night long trying to get a handle on this and try to get the fire out. it looks to me that the serious part of the fire is in a fairly, relatively small area. there are no mandatory evacuations. left. at this point, that is the situation. they think they have it contained. it is not jumped the big streets yet and they are trying to keep it that way. summer: thank you for that. we will continue following this
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meredith: a car chase captured from high above. this is new. video. there were going 100 miles per hour and swerving all over the road. three teenagers were arrested in seminole county after the car they still was spotted along i-4 . the three suspects eventually ditch the car and took off running. the two-time winner and defending champion of the daytona 200 was arrested. he won the 200 and 2014 and 2015 was arrested monday night in daytona beach, charged with every on an officer. he allegedly pushed a woman to the ground on main street. when approached by police, he walked away from them and refuse commands to stop, then shoved an officer. he is expected to raise this saturday. summer: orlando police are looking for whoever opened fire
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it happened on west pine street. michelle imperato has the very latest on the investigation. michelle: paramedics and police huddle around a man shot on the street overnight in downtown orlando. cell phone video, from a woman who works nearby, shows the aftermath of what police say started as a fight in the parking lot east of back booth nightclub around 330 -- 3:30 a.m. this morning. witnesses tell us it was a frightening scene. >> this is the gunshot. let me come out and see what is going on. michelle: another woman who works nearby told our crew she heard around eight gunshots. investigators were at the scene throughout the night collecting evidence and talking to witnesses. police say the one victim police say is a 26-year-old man he was shot in both legs. he was taken to ormc in stable
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michelle imperato, wesh 2 news. summer: police say the suspect left the scene in dark car with another person inside. the victim, whose name has still not been released, is stable. meredith: a winter garden man arrested on charges of stalking and voyeurism last week is jailed on new charges. 28-year-old winston garwood is now charged in three incidents of looking in a woman' s window and committing a lewd act. garwood is a registered sex offender with a history of exposing himself to a minor. for the new cases, garwood is being held on $21,000 bond. summer: a putnam county woman is recovering in the hospital, after she was shot by her four-year-old daughter. putnam county deputies say it happened as the woman was driving yesterday afternoon. they say the little girl got ahold of a handgun and fired a shot. the mother was rushed to the hospital and is expected to survive. deputies and the department of children and families is investigating. meredith: a tampa teen is one of two suspects now facing felony charges of scamming an orlando company out of tens of thousands
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in court papers, the state attorney' s office says 19-year-old charles allen wilshire is charged with scheming to defraud the orlando watch company out of more than $20,000 in merchandise. wilshire and a co-defendant are facing charges of grand theft and scheme to defraud charges. summer: a texas man was killed in an apparent terror attack in tel-aviv. taylor force was a vanderbilt grad student studying business. the stabbing happened along a popular beachfront boardwalk. 10 others were injured and the attacker was killed by police. a total of four palestinian attackers were killed in a day of violence across the region that wounded a dozen israelis. today, vice president joe biden, who' s in israel, spoke alongside prime minister of israel, benjamin netanyahu. >> my condolences to taylor' s family and all of those who were victims yesterday and everyday. let me say, in no uncertain
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america condemns these acts. summer: taylor force was in the army for more than five years after graduating. many remember him as full of ambition and kindness. meredith: public viewings are being held today and tomorrow for former first lady nancy reagan in california. she died this weekend at age 94-years-old. nbc' s brian mooar reports on the public viewing and funeral preparations. reporter: four years the secret service agents were sworn to protect the life of nancy reagan and today they offered a token of their enduring respect, helping to escort her to her final resting place. a hearse made its way to the presidential library, and people lined the roadway, some carrying signs others waving flags, if you professed -- a few professed profound sadness. she had been largely out of the public eye but not forgotten as
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she was celebrated for her and packable sense of style and the services choreographed by herself were understated and dignified. a simple casket later the entrance for a brief service for family members. over the next day, she will lie in repose so the public can say farewell, then a private service on friday attended by first ladies. for many, the reflections of this first lady begin and end with an unbreakable bond. >> i respect her so much. reporter: nancy and ronald reagan, inseparable in life, soon to be reunited. summer: the man known as the fifth beatle has died. george martin died peacefully at the age of 90-years-old, according to his management company. martin produced influential albums for the beatles including " sergeant pepper' s lonely
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' ' rubber soul" and ' ' abbey road." ringo starr posted on twitter, god bless george martin. peace and love to judy and his family. love, ringo and barbara. george will be missed. paul mccartney made a lengthy post on facebook, saying in part, i' m so sad to hear the news of the passing of dear george martin. i have so many wonderful memories of this great man that will be with me forever. he went on to say, the world has lost a truly great man who left an indelible mark on my soul and the history of british music. meredith: we' re just hours away from another debate tonight. this one is for the democrats and will be hosted in miami. the debate between bernie sanders and hillary clinton will be moderated by reporters from univision and the " washington post." it' s their second showdown in four days, last night clinton soundly defeated sanders in mississippi, but sanders made a surprising win in michigan. look for highlights of tonight' s debate on wesh 2 news. fans are buying up tickets, hoping to experience the excitement of another orlando city match. summer: wesh 2' s jazmin walker spoke with oviedo native and
4:40 pm
getting from the huge crowds. >> it' ll be something i' ll remember forever. jazmin: that' s what lions defender tommy redding had to say about his team making a comeback from a 2-0 deficit in sunday' s season opener, in front of 60,000-plus fans. >> i know a lot of the people that come to the games on a personal level, and it's exciting to have their support at the games. jazmin: redding grew up in oviedo and came through the orlando city academy. he says the fact that he' s the youngest player to ever start for the lions doesn' t phase him. >> i' m just as good as everybody else. age is just a number at some point. it really comes down to experience, so i was really looking forward to the start. jazmin: redding, who played the entire 90 minutes sunday, will start again in the team' s next match friday. the lions will be without star midfielder, kaka. but fans will see the debut of the team' s latest addition, antonio nocerino. >> i think me and the whole team are just preparing for it a day at a time, just getting ready mentally prepared for chicago
4:41 pm
s match against chicago fire is at the citrus bowl. we checked. there are still tickets available. kickoff is at 7:00 p.m. i' m jazmin walker, wesh 2 news. summer: we don' t have to tell you, the commute on i-4 can be down right brutal. meredith: troopers say they' re working more accidents on the interstate. straight ahead, we' re looking at the two biggest problem areas they' re seeing. summer: and on the heels of scott kelly' s return from a year in space, some new information about how far off a mars mission
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summer: we are still covering breaking news out of brevard county. chopper 2 is live over a brush fire in a palm bay. this is near sinfully go, west of i-95.
4:45 pm
west of i-95 -- san felipe , west of i-95. meredith: homes have been damaged, anywhere between a minor in severe. homes are being in evacuated. we know this is not jumped the large intersection, but the roads are closed, so we will continue to follow this breaking news happening in the palm bay area. fhp says crashes, especially multi-car wrecks are up along the i-4 ultimate construction zone. we told you yesterday how march is the most dangerous on florida roadways. last march alone, there were 32,000 accidents, 35 people died and 320 were injured. summer: wesh 2' s bob kealing looks at problems within i-4 ultimate and two problem areas to avoid. bob: the i-4 ultimate project is a 21 mile construction zone through orange and seminole counties. even if you think you may know
4:46 pm
t keep up with notices of lane shifts and changing traffic patterns, it can surprise you. >> driving through the corridor, it does tend to skinny up and some of the lanes, if you' ve had a crash, are really small in some places. bob: the dot says their road rangers are getting to wrecks in an average of six minutes, but it can take at least a half an hour to clear them. the fhp says they' re seeing more accidents in these congested areas because people are following too closely and can' t >> we' re seeing a lot more of bob: and what' s the net result? >> the net result is more accidents, more multi car crashes and more injuries. bob: we asked the fhp their biggest problem areas and they told us the so called fairbanks curve and the area south of 50, where just under 200,000 cars
4:47 pm
single day. >> you' ve got to bring speeds down and obey the speed limit or give yourself enough space if speed limits are much lower due to congestion. bob: besides keeping speed down, the dot says make sure you have enough gas and your vehicle is in good repair in these areas where a break down can also start the dominoes falling to back ups congestion and crashes. summer: attorney matt morgan tells wesh 2 he' s seen a significant increase in the number of lawsuits from recent car crashes within the i-4 ultimate zone. meredith: governor rick scott will decide if new restrictions on abortion and planned parenthood will go into effect. the state senate passed the bill today. the legislation redefines dates of pregnancy trimesters, and requires doctors who perform the abortions have hospital admitting privileges. it also prohibits state money go to any organization that
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summer: nasa says it is shooting for a 2018 launch . insight spacecraft, the space agency, said the next launch window available for the robotic lander is in may of 2018. the insight will be used to study the interior of mars. it was supposed to lift off this month, but was grounded in december. europe is launching its own mars-landing mission on monday from kazakhstan. meredith: your first now, a pretty nice day, a net of sunny clouds and still a little breezy. summer: it will be challenging for firefighters in palm bay. eric: as long as weak and keep the wind in the same direction, at least the one what direction they are dealing with. here is a look of chopper 2 from above. you can see all of the wind pushing all of the smoke. we are watching this closely because as you mentioned, there is a lot of wind. melbourne is the closest weather reporting station.
4:49 pm
are at 20 miles per hour, up to 28 miles per hour. the biggest concern is whether or not the wind will shift. the good news, they have been ready uniform all day long. county, running in the 10 to 20 mile-per-hour range. as forecasted. the other issue as we look toward the water vapor channel, these bright oranges, real dry air in the past despair -- atmosphere. we really do want to have moisture when we have fires going. here is another standard perspective on the old satellite and radar. you can see the clouds rolling in on the area of high pressure. we will keep clouds in that forecast, but as more moisture moves in, temperatures are not able to fall as much.
4:50 pm
flower garden forecast at epcot, 70 degrees at 8:00. a beautiful set up. gusty wind tomorrow. uniform in direction but hopefully we will not have to deal with another brush fire. downtown orlando, look how quickly we are warming radians. 82 -- warming readings. 82 five lunchtime. 86, sanford. could even see 87 and some of the rural locations. 83 along the coast. 81, daytona beach. in will be a little bit better for our bike week forecast. friday, still with high pressure , middle 80' s for daytime highs. saturday, some of us could be talking about upper 80' s, a few
4:51 pm
treasure coast. watching the next frontal boundary and a few showers moving in a sunday into monday. up until that point, we are looking great. the orlando city soccer forecast, chicago coming to town but this is our weather, 82 degrees and nothing like they are used to. 5:00 pitch and 80 degrees for the astros.
4:52 pm
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meredith: this is a pretty cool story. an astronomer convinced alaska airlines to adjust one of its flight so passengers could see yesterday' s solar eclipse from 36,000 feet in the sky. one of the passengers even brought specially filtered sunglasses so everyone on board could view the event for just under two minutes. that is one very kind passenger. it was a role reversal at a tampa children' s hospital. summer: the young patients were given stethoscopes and white coats, trading places with their caregivers. >> no shots. no shots. no shots. nooo. [laughter] summer: it was all part of doctors for a day at st. joseph' s children' s hospital.
4:55 pm
their patients. parents say it was a great chance for the kids to form a bond. >> it' s really wonderful. it gives the children an opportunity to get more in touch with doctors, and it' s a really nice bond for them in the hospital team. >> it just gives our patients a chance to play with some of the hospital equipment, normalize the equipment, add a little fun to their day. summer: they may end up going into medical school. doctors say they hope the day helps the kids be less anxious about procedures. wesh 2 news at 5:00 is straight ahead. meredith: jim payne joins us now with what' s coming up in the next hour. jim: we continue to monitor a brush fire battle in palm bay where a handful of homes have been evacuated. also ahead, we' re looking into a new report showing the number of homicides in orlando from 2014 to 2015 went up by more than 100%. two more cases of zika are diagnosed in central florida. what' s different about one of those patients that' s causing alarm? and, a central florida substitute teacher is charged with drinking in class.
4:56 pm
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jim: we begin with breaking news out of palm bay. a brush fire battle is going on right now and already, several good evening, i' meredith: i' m meredith mcdonough. chopper 2 has been over the scene for a little over an hour. we' re hearing that some homes are being evacuated. jim: wesh 2' s dan billow just arrived on scene. dan, you' ve been speaking to firefighters. what are they telling you? dan: they are telling us they feel better about the fire right now. getting the upper hand on it. we look live from chopper 2, you can see every person they can come up with an every crew they can come up with in the area of san felipe oh. they are standing near the cap the houses. jim: so we have lost dan billow. the bottom line on all of this, firefighters believe they have this fire mostly contained. for homes that been damaged -- a
5:00 pm
they are not sure if they are going to do that. almost the exact same thing happened in 2008. 26 homes burned in a series of wildfires, weather conditions were much more extreme. this makes lighting fires in the area very difficult because of how it is laid out. you can see the lay of the land, it works against firefighters. we want to stay with chopper 2. chopper dan mccarthy getting a good view of all of this. a lot of air traffic as well. dan: holding 1500 feet over the fire. it is on the ground, in the air, they have an attack helicopter. they landed a few minutes ago , but when it is revealed, they will drop 500 gallons, buckets on water on the hotspot. the airplanes, one of the spotter airplane' s showing


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